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Silver coin “LADY FLAME”


  • Metal: silver 999
  • Weight: 62,20 gr
  • Diameter: 50 mm
  • Quality: antique finish
  • Face value: 5 dollars
  • Country: Niue
  • Date of issue: 2023
  • Mintage: 500 pcs
  • Technologies: digital printing, high relief, selective gilding
  • Certificate: yes
  • Package: capsule, box 
  • Minted at: Lithuanian Mint


There are many legends and stories related to the history of ancient Egypt. And there is so much wisdom in these pages of history, and some of these pages still pose many questions. 

A lion-headed goddess

Sekhmet was one of the most powerful Egyptian deities. She was viewed as a strong and powerful goddess and was also known as a warrior goddess. The character and destiny of Sekhmet were reflected in her appearance: she was portrayed as a lion-headed woman. This is also how she is portrayed on our coin. The coin shows the goddess, ancient Egyptian writings on a golden background, and a cat, which is an important symbol in Egyptian culture. There are many myths and stories about the warrior goddess Sekhmet. She was portrayed wearing red clothes because she was very fierce and merciless. Legends say that Sekhmet herself was born out of rage when the Sun God Ra, enraged with humanity, wanted to punish people and sent the Eye of Ra to the earth. This is how Sekhmet was born. When she was on earth, she would be merciless to people and would drink their blood.

A healing goddess

This is just one part of the legend, however. Other stories say that Sekhmet was also a very merciful deity. She is also said to have had healing powers. When people treated her in a respectful manner, she would protect them against serious diseases. It is also said that she was even able to treat broken bones. This is why our coin portrays Sekhmet as a goddess and a woman. People may view her as a strong leader, a healer, or an inspirer of courage. This coin symbolises people’s wish for respectful and fair treatment, and their readiness to demonstrate the same. The coin therefore makes a perfect gift for a person who is fond of legends, stories, and meaningful thoughts.


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