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Silver coin with 3D hologram “GOD’S COW”


  • Metal: silver 999
  • Weight: 30,6 g
  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Face value: 1 NZD
  • Country: Niue
  • Minted at: Lithuanian Mint
  • Year of issue: 2022
  • Mintage: 150 pcs
  • Technologies: minted 3D hologram
  • Package: capsule, box
  • Certificate: yes


The Lithuanian Mint introduces a new coin-lucky charm, God’s Cow. It is a collectible coin with 3D hologram. Whisper your wish to the coin, illuminate the hologram with a torch and the coin will come to life. A dream-fulfilling flying ladybird will flap its wings for you.

In Europe, in Lithuania and Poland, the seven-spotted ladybird is often called God’s cow (Polish boża krówka), whereas in Germany the names are Marienkäfer or Muttergotteskäfer (Mary’s beetle, Our Lady’s beetle). The English ladybirdladybug means Our Lady’s bird/beetle. In European folklore, the God’s cow was seen as a good creature and therefore symbolised good luck and happiness. A ladybird landing on a person, especially on a newlywed couple, was considered a very good sign. Such an attitude towards ladybirds could be caused not only by the fact that they kill parasites, but also by their seven spots. After all, the number 7 was considered magical and mysterious, bringing good luck even in ancient times. In Christianity, it was associated with the seven joys of Our Lady and with the seven virtues: wisdom, justice, temperance, courage, faith, hope, and generosity. Why cow? It is said that the spots of ladybirds may have resembled the spots of cows. Not only ladybirds, but also some other insects, even some fish, were called cows in the vernacular. Quite an interesting case of the name of one animal partially passing on to another.

 The success of the whole world in your hands

Although people living in different countries have different cultures, ways of thinking, lifestyles and perceptions of the world, happiness is one – we all have signs and symbols that we believe in and consider lucky. When creating this impressive good luck coin the Lithuanian Mint analysed many regions of the world. That is why you will see many different symbols of luck from different parts of the world on the reverse of the coin. Or maybe you recognise and believe in some of them?

Reverse. The silver coin was made applying state-of-the-art minting technology, using UV printing and 3D hologram. The coin is sold in a special package together with a torch. It is an excellent gift idea for someone you want to wish good luck to, someone who is now looking for the fulfilment of their dreams or maybe has entered a stage of life where they will really need fortune to protect them. Light up the hologram and your happiness will spread its wings.

The obverse of the coin bears the public seal of Niue. The bottom of the seal shows two crossed katoua cleaving clubs, the symbol of the Niue Island, and there is the motto of Niue above them, ‘atua Niue tukulagi’.

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