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Commemorative silver coin „Egypt symbol”


  • Metal: silver 925/1000
  • Weight: 34,30 gr 
  • Diameter: 38 mm
  • Quality: Proof
  • Year of issue: 2022
  • Mintage: 300 pcs
  • Minted at: SPORRONG EESTI OÜ
  • Certificate: yes
  • Package: capsule, box


The large coin has an obverse that depicts a pyramid, which is a symbol of ancient Egypt. Pyramids have also been found in other countries, such as Ecuador and Mexico. This symbol is also represented on the US dollar. The pyramid symbol is associated with other ancient Egyptian symbols, including the Ankh or Cross of Thoth, the irrational number π, and the infinity symbol ∞. These symbols express the Masonic approach to understanding God, humanity, and the universe.

The reverse of the coin shows the image of a Masonic temple, with three columns, a holy scripture that unites all religions and believers, a hammer used in construction and in court decisions, and a flywheel and ruler, which are the construction marks of the Masonic Temple of Humanity. In the center of the coin is the letter G, which stands for geometry, which was considered the queen of all sciences in ancient times.


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