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Silver coin „Curupira“


  • Metal: silver 999
  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Weight: 31.10 g
  • FAce value: 2 dollars, Niue
  • Quality: antique finish
  • Technologies: digital printing, High relief
  • Mintage: 1000 pcs
  • Minted at: Lithuanian Mint
  • Package: capsule, box
  • Certificate: yes
  • Design by: Laimutė Varkalaitė 
  • Year of issue: 2023



‘Curupira’ is the 4th coin from the ‘World of Cryptids’ series.

My long tail makes unwelcome guests stumble, and my backwards-facing feet create footprints that confuse hunters, making them lose their way back home. Whenever I ride astride a peccary, my bright orange mane creates an illusion of a wildfire, and my whistle drives ill-wishers to madness. With a kiss I can drain greedy poachers of their lives, reducing their bodies to mere husks. However, I will not hurt you if you take no more than you need.

You see, my dwelling is a place of legendary grandeur and ancient beauty, a land of plenty, full of life, both large and small. The winding rivers that flow like liquid silver and the lush foliage that is so vibrant make home to an unparalleled family of different beings, many of which are still unknown to the world. I have been the guardian of this wonderland ever since the olden days, and I know every corner of it, every root and rock, every towering tree and creature that lives in the canopy. Could you name the place where I am from?

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